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Restaurant La Pataleta has had great success since opening in 2010. Even so Michael and Brian have chosen to be a well functioning two man operation. “Sometimes you need to run a bit faster,” says Michael, “but we like the personal contact with our costumers. There is room for many guests under the canopy on the large patio in front of the restaurant, but most regulars visit us to enjoy themselves, and so, it does not matter if serving takes a little longer, as long as the food is top notch”. This is where Brian fits in the picture by preparing delicious food from what is known as the “Cool Climate Kitchen” with local and fresh products that guarantees a juicy and tasty element that has become a well renowed trademark of La Pataleta. All Brian’s cooking is done with inspiration and ideas from around the world and our lunch is classic Danish with respect for the old traditions.

Try the impressive lunch platter from La Pataleta, with herring fillets, eggs and shrimp, combined with a hot and a cold selection of your choice and finally followed up by a little brie cheese at the end. On Wednesday night, the only late night open, we serve daily or dish of the day if you prefer, and it is good idea to book a table, as there is often a full house. This advice goes for the very popular Sunday-buffet as well.
There is a homely atmosphere in this half Danish-Spanish restaurant, provided by Michael and Brian whom are both keen to make their customers feel welcome and relaxed.
Restaurant La Pataleta keeps and celebrates the traditional Danish holidays such as St. Martin’s Day, Easter and traditional Christmas events.

La Pataleta - Michael og Brian

To all current and future customers:
Thank you for your loyalty and continual support. We continue to strive and improve our Danish & InternationalĀ cuisineĀ and due to popular demand, we’re delighted to announce that we have a new and updated delicious menu. We invite you to browse around our site and see what inspires you the most.

Happy Dining!

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